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About us

Magicinal Foods is a New Zealand based health food company, specialising in superfoods, adaptogens, functional mushrooms and nootropics.

Magicinal Foods products were first developed for personal consumption by a busy, health conscious couple on a mission to explore the physical and mental brilliance that could be achieved through plant based nutrition.

Each product has been carefully formulated based on scientific enquiry into the physiological benefit of its ingredients, as well as the many traditionally held cultural beliefs around an ingredient’s magical or medicinal quality.

Magicinal Foods use only organic ingredients, intentionally sourced to support the livelihood of small farmers, their families and their communities.

All products are vegan and meet the gluten-free requirements set out by Coeliac New Zealand to include less than 3ppm gluten when independently tested.

With gratitude for the planet and all life on it, Magicinal Foods use only compostable packaging and courier bags.