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We believe that the functional mushrooms we use in our products certainly are magical, however they do not contain psilocybin, so will not provide a high or any such hallucinogenic effects.
Yes. We take the safety of our products and health of our customers very seriously and aim to provide the highest quality product. Our organic, functional mushrooms have undergone vigorous testing for heavy metals and microorganisms to ensure their quality and safety.
No. Using our magical ingredient combination skills, our products have absolutely no mushroom taste.
Awakening contains 500mg of Chaga and 500mg of Lion’s Mane per serve. Ritual contains 500mg of Reishi per serve. These values are considered to be in line with traditional Chinese medicinal therapeutic dose recommendations.
A supplemented food is a product that is represented as a food, but has been modified in some way or had substances added to it so that it performs a physiological role in the body. Our products are intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Yes. Our products proudly contain no animal products or by-products.
Yes. Our products have been independently tested to below 3ppm which is the threshold adopted by Coeliac New Zealand for a nil detection of gluten.
We ship to NZ, Australia, USA, UK and Canada. Our courier service applies for NZ based deliveries and takes 2-3 working days. International deliveries take between 6-10 working days using standard international postage. We've kept the shipping costs simple:

  • $6 flat rate courier for NZ deliveries
  • $15 flat rate for Australia deliveries
  • $20 flat rate for all other international deliveries
  • ANY two products purchased are eligible for free shipping in NZ

Please keep in mind that you may experience shipping delays due to Covid-19. This is out of our control and is affecting all businesses.

We recommend that you consult your healthcare professional for advice before consuming any Magicinal Foods products if you are pregnant or nursing.
While we do not believe any of the ingredients in our products would cause harm to a child, our products are not intended to be consumed by children.
We recommend that you consult your healthcare professional for advice before consuming any Magicinal Foods products if you are taking prescription medication.
It is important to use caution and listen to your body when consuming strong natural herbs and functional mushrooms. This is the case when using any of the Magicinal Foods products. We suggest you use our products responsibly as part of a healthy, balanced diet. We don’t recommend more than three serves of any one product in a 24 hour period due to the strong therapeutic value of each serve.